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Affizer Way To Succeed In Online Marketing. Are you looking for good profits for your traffic? Let's start our Campaigns or SmartLink. Our team of experienced managers has answers to any optimization puzzles coming up in your marketing campaigns.



About Us

Affizer started out in 2021. We are the new kind of global affiliate network that makes performance marketing.

  • Convenient, flexible, and secure payment system.

    We are always ready to share with you our last top converting offers.

  • Diverse range of offers on exclusive terms across all verticals.

    We drive large scales of traffic worldwide. We Want to Success Affiliters.Our Focus Affiliter's Profit.

  • Support

    24/7 support from experienced managers.

Our Partners

Our Partners


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Affplus is the largest affiliate offer search engine.


Affigate - Partner Marketing Platform.



Reporting & Statistics

You get full access to all available statistics and reporting on our mutual projects. Thus, you can trust us with data transparency and see the real picture of your campaign performance.


Work with our experienced team to gain insights, monitor success, and develop strategies to meet your goals.

High Quality Traffic

We are looking for high quality traffic. Reach your most relevant target audience by setting parameters such as device, browser, geo-location,etc and more.

Generous payout program

Benefit from extensive high payout programs and bonuses..

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Feature Rich Dashboard.

Stay up to date with the latest and most popular campaigns while tracking your earnings through our advanced reports..

  • Text Link: Collect basic links to keep your code nice and neat. This will allow you to redirect your traffic to a specific campaign page..



Only Pay for results



The personal manager is always on the line with your favorite messenger.

Traffic & Tracking

Easy and fast to implement S2S tracking can get you on board in an 30 minutes.Large volume and quality publisher. More than 500 live traffic sources. We have traffic from more than 190 countries around the world.



Affizer is a very good network. I started working with them 1 year ago. My manager is awesome. He always helps me.

Nesa Marcil


I have been using Affizer Network for over a year now.

Julia Timpson


The best CPA network I've ever used. Excellent network, like it. Excellent support. Great payment terms.



It's very nice an awesome affiliate network that has high converting offers. i like Affizer.



The best network. Very good support from manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for our system. A manager will contact you shortly to get acquainted and discuss the details. We will come to an agreement and activate your account, so you can start working.

Our top traffic sources are GoogleAds, Facebook, Email, Push, Websites etc. Geos: Worldwide.

We can make payments to your Webmoney, BTC, PayPal, USDT (TRC20) and Wire.

Payment Frequency: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly. Minimum amount is $100.

We work with the Affigate tracking system. After signing up and talking with the manager, you can access to your Personal Account with all necessary information.